Dr. Lajos Gracza is responsible for the Liszt-Ferenc Archive Göppingen/Budapest.
It is a private documentation and research centre. Established in 1990 with the objective to collect, archive and publish Franz Liszt‘s works, both contemporary and unknown documents. Thereby allowing a broad spectrum of interested parties to get acquainted with and appreciate his life and work.

The Archive consists of 25 divisions each of which is denoted by double letters from AU representing autogramms to VC representing video cassettes.(refer to menu point collection.)
A discotheque and a picture gallery arc ajoined to the Liszt Archive. The former with numerous recordings from Liszt’s students. The latter with numerous contemporary images.

By the processing of these collected works, particular attention is placed on the archival completion.
Thus, it is therefore important to persue a complex and critical adaptation, resulting in a clear presentation. The method of processing is part of the comparative research, specializing in the evaluation of primary literature, diaries, recollections, series of letters and press releases.

Sources of inadequate or contradictory information will be examined to prove their accuracy and authenticity.

The Archive research results will be periodically published both locally and abroad. Furthermore regular seminars will be held in the archive library.

The web-site of the Liszt Archive should present and help prospective interested parties to compare and exchange findings about Franz Liszt themselves.